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Written by McMillen Health Illustration by Jenn Storey

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A special thanks to Beth Lowe of the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center, for lending her oral health expertise to this book and other Brush projects.

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It was evening in Happy Hollow and in the Hedgehog family den, the children were getting ready for bed. Henry Hedgehog was brushing his teeth. “I muv brhing mf thf,” he said. “Oh yes,” Mama Hedgehog said. “All hedgehogs love to brush their teeth!” “Well, not me,” said Hazel Hedgehog. “I don‘t like to brush my teeth at all.” The bathroom became very quiet. “But….I don’t understand,” said Mama Hedgehog, “All hedgehogs love to brush their teeth.”


The next morning, the Hedgehog family was in the bathroom brushing their teeth. “I muv brhing mf thf,” said Henry Hedgehog. “Oh, yes,” said Mama and Papa Hedgehog, “We love to brush our teeth too!” “I still don’t like to brush my teeth,” said Hazel Hedgehog. Mama Hedgehog looked at Papa Hedgehog, “What will we do?” “I know!” said Henry. “I will take Hazel to see our dentist, Dr. Otto Owl. He can help her love to brush her teeth again.”


On Saturday morning Henry and Hazel Hedgehog left the Hedgehog family den to walk over to Dr. Owl’s dental office. As they walked through the park, Hazel saw her best friend Bella Badger. “Oh, Bella, I am so happy to see you,” Hazel said. “I have so much to tell you!” Henry sat on a bench and waited for the girls to stop talking. He waited, and waited, and waited. Finally he said, “Come on Hazel, we need to go to Dr. Owl’s office.”

“Why are you going to the dentist?” asked Bella. “I don’t like to brush my teeth anymore,” said Hazel. ”How can that be?” said Bella. “All hedgehogs love to brush their teeth.” “Not me,” shrugged Hazel.


Henry and Hazel walked into town. As they were passing the grocery store, they heard the grocer, Gregory Goose, say, “Why, hello, you two! How about a juicy apple, just picked from the Happy Hollow orchard?” Gregory Goose handed them two apples and Hazel bit into hers. “Oh, thank you,” she said. “It’s delicious! Apples are my favorite fruit.”


As they headed down Main Street, the Happy Hollow Choir was warming up for a concert in the town square. “Tra la la la la,” they sang. Hazel ran up beside the choir and started singing along, “Tra la la la laaaaaa,” she sang. “My goodness, what a beautiful voice you have!” exclaimed the choir director, Roberta Robin. “Would you like to stay and sing with us?” “Sorry,” Henry Hedgehog said, “I’ve got to get Hazel to Dr. Owl’s dental office. She doesn’t like to brush her teeth anymore.” “How very odd,” said Roberta Robin. “I thought all hedgehogs loved to brush their teeth.”


Next, the Hedgehogs passed the library. “Good morning, Hedgehogs!” said Finola Fox, the town librarian. “I am so glad you are here! I have to get all of these new books on the shelves and the baby reading circle is about to start. Hazel, you are such a good reader, could you read a book to the ducklings for me?” “Oh, I would love to!” Hazel settled down with the ducklings and read book after book to them. At last, she was finished and Henry said, “Finally! We need to go before Dr. Owl’s office closes.”


Finally, Henry could see Dr. Owl’s office; they were almost there! But Hazel suddenly stopped. “Look!” she said. “There’s Samuel Sheep, the boy who just started at our school yesterday.”


Hazel walked up to Samuel and gave him a big smile. “Hello Samuel,” she said. “Why, hello,” Samuel said, and gave Hazel a shy smile.

“I’m sure you could use a friend since you are new in school and I would be happy to show you around,” said Hazel. “Oh, goodness,” Samuel said, “that would be nice.” He gave Hazel a big smile.


How much fluoride toothpaste?

Under age 3: rice-sized smear

Ages 3 to 6: pea-size

At last, the Hedgehogs walked into Dr. Owl’s dental office. “Why hello,” said Dr. Owl. “Do you have an appointment today?” “No,” said Henry. “Mama and Papa asked me to walk Hazel here because she suddenly doesn’t like to brush her teeth.” “What?” said Dr. Owl. “A hedgehog who doesn’t like to brush her teeth?” He scratched his head. “Why, this is a first for me. I thought all hedgehogs loved to brush their teeth.” “Not me,” said Hazel.


“Why don’t you tell me what you do like to do,” said Dr. Owl. “She likes to talk!” said Henry. “She and Bella Badger will talk all day.”

“Well, you need healthy front teeth to talk properly,” said Dr. Owl. “You have to push your tongue up against your front teeth to make your word sounds. Without healthy front teeth your friends would have trouble understanding you.” “Oh, that wouldn’t be good,” said Hazel. “Bella and I have so much to say to each other.”


“What else do you like to do?” said Dr. Owl. “I like to eat my favorite foods, like apples from the orchard,” said Hazel. “Goodness!” exclaimed Dr. Owl. “You need healthy teeth to eat your favorite crunchy foods. Can you imagine biting into an apple without strong teeth?” “She likes to sing too!” exclaimed Henry. “She was singing with the choir earlier.” “Another thing you need healthy teeth for!” said Dr. Owl. “It would be hard to understand the words you were singing if you didn’t have healthy teeth.”


“I also like to read out loud to the babies at the library,” said Bella. “I guess that wouldn’t happen without healthy teeth either.” “And I saw you making friends with the new boy in school, Samuel Sheep,” said Dr. Owl. “Your

beautiful smile helps you make friends, doesn’t it?” “And how are your grades in school?” asked Dr. Owl. “Straight As!” exclaimed Hazel.

“Did you know healthy teeth help you to get better grades? Having healthy teeth means children don’t miss school because of problems with their teeth and they don’t have pain that can keep them from paying attention.”


How much fluoride toothpaste?

Under age 3: rice-sized smear

Ages 3 to 6: pea-size

“So,” said Dr. Owl, “it seems to me that you need to have healthy teeth to do all of the things you love, like talking, eating, singing, reading, making friends and doing well in school.” “I guess I never realized I need healthy teeth to do the things I love,” said Hazel. “And what is the best way to keep your teeth healthy?” asked Dr. Owl. “Brushing twice a day!” both Hazel and Henry shouted. “Hhhmmmm…..I guess I do like to brush my teeth.” said Hazel. “Because brushing my teeth will keep them healthy so I can do all of my favorite things.”


Later that evening in the Hedgehog family den, the children were getting ready for bed. Henry Hedgehog was brushing his teeth. “I muv brhing mf thf,” he said. “I muv brhing mf thf tooo,” said Hazel. “Oh, yes,” said Mama and Papa Hedgehog, “we all love to brush our teeth!” “Especially me,” said Hazel, and she gave her family a beautiful smile.


the end

Tooth Tips from Mama Hedgehog Brush children’s teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. See the dentist two times a year. Parents need to floss children’s teeth before bed.

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How much fluoride toothpaste?

Under age 3: rice-sized smear

Ages 3 to 6: pea-size


Nutrition Hints from Hazel and Henry Drink milk and water . Stay away from juice and soda pop!

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Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Limit candy and gummy fruit snacks.


Tales from Happy Hollow Hazel Does Not Like to Brush Her Teeth Hazel Hedgehog can’t be the only hedgehog who doesn’t like to brush her teeth! In this story Dr. Owl, the dentist in Happy Hollow, helps Hazel learn how we need our teeth to do the fun things we like to do. Follow Hazel as she talks, sings, smiles, and eats and along the way discovers how important her teeth are! This book helps young children learn why it’s important to brush our teeth twice a day and how healthy teeth help us to be happy.

Written By: McMillen Health Illustration By: Jenn Storey A Project of McMillen Health

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