"Hazel Does Not Like to Brush Her Teeth" - Brush Store

How much fluoride toothpaste?

Under age 3: rice-sized smear

Ages 3 to 6: pea-size

“So,” said Dr. Owl, “it seems to me that you need to have healthy teeth to do all of the things you love, like talking, eating, singing, reading, making friends and doing well in school.” “I guess I never realized I need healthy teeth to do the things I love,” said Hazel. “And what is the best way to keep your teeth healthy?” asked Dr. Owl. “Brushing twice a day!” both Hazel and Henry shouted. “Hhhmmmm…..I guess I do like to brush my teeth.” said Hazel. “Because brushing my teeth will keep them healthy so I can do all of my favorite things.”


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