"Hazel Does Not Like to Brush Her Teeth" - Brush Store

On Saturday morning Henry and Hazel Hedgehog left the Hedgehog family den to walk over to Dr. Owl’s dental office. As they walked through the park, Hazel saw her best friend Bella Badger. “Oh, Bella, I am so happy to see you,” Hazel said. “I have so much to tell you!” Henry sat on a bench and waited for the girls to stop talking. He waited, and waited, and waited. Finally he said, “Come on Hazel, we need to go to Dr. Owl’s office.”

“Why are you going to the dentist?” asked Bella. “I don’t like to brush my teeth anymore,” said Hazel. ”How can that be?” said Bella. “All hedgehogs love to brush their teeth.” “Not me,” shrugged Hazel.


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